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We build our list with media buys and other PPC advertising. Complete with the best traffic filter and bot protection from Clickmagick.

Let your sales funnel do the work for you. We focus on lead conversion on optin forms. Single Optin only for Best Results!

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Why I only trust ClickMagick

Clickmagick scrubs my traffic, removes duplicate clicks and provides quality reports. They also test every link too so if your funnel include endless opt-in loops they will remove the link from our traffic service. You really don’t want to do this anyway. Te quality of your leads will be horrible and spam complaints will sky rocket,

It helps reduce the lead attrition for my service and keep prices competitive.

If you want to learn more about there service click on the banner above so you can read all about why you only want to chose solo ad sellers that use ClickMagick.

Order System

Our custom order system allows us to process hundreds of orders per day and provides every customer with a tracking link. Please watch this video to see how to place orders.

Once we have placed your order into our system you will receive an email letting you know. Then you can log into your account, look at your purchase history and find your tracking link.

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